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Rocket League Trading Process (EPIC)
1 Provide us your Epic ID and accept our friend invite on Epic
Enter the game and accept our party invite.
3 Accept trading request and you can get your items

*Tips 1:Please add an unwanted random item when trading to ensure smooth transactions!

*Tips 2:Player Trades require both accounts to have purchased at least 500 Credits or Esports Tokens, please check your acoount before the trade.

*Tips 3:Please check whether your privacy settings allow strangers to add friends and send mesaages.

IGVault will never take the items back in any way.

Trade Must Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Player Trading Eligibility


Please look for the IGVault official website and be careful to identify fake APP and fake customer service website!!
IGVault will not ask you to pay again in any way!!

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  • 5% FEE
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